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Reference Websites:

For More Help with Grammar, check out these links:

  • Punctuation: If punctuation is giving you trouble, check out this site for all the info on where to put your commas, how to use your semi-colons and where your periods should go.
  • Proofreading for Commas: If you are looking for strategies on proofreading for commas, check out this web site from the University of Purdue. The site offers examples and tips for dealing with commas.  
  • Comma Rules: Want to learn how to use your commas? This site will give you all the rules.
  • Activities for using Commas: Want more practice working with your commas? Check out these fun games that will help you improve your comma usage.
  • Quotation Marks: Are you looking to improve your question mark usage? Check out this site to become an expert.
  • Practice with Quotation Marks: If you want to practice working with question marks, go to this site for exercises and quizzes to develop your skills.
  • Apostrophes: If you are looking for a great guide on apostrophes, go to this site to get all the rules and examples you could ever want.
  • Practice with Apostrophes: For some extra practice with apostrophes, go check out the University of Purdue’s exercises and quizzes.
  • Rules for Capitalization: Are you having trouble with capitalization? If so, you have to check out Grammar Book’s site because it is an excellent resource on the rules of capitalization.
  • Understanding Verbs: Do you want to get a better understanding of verbs? Go to University of Oregon’s guide to verbs for all the verb knowledge you could ever want.
  • Practice with Verbs: If you are looking to practice using verbs, go to University of Houston Victoria Verb exercise’s page. It has exercises to help you with infinitives, gerunds, and much, much more.
  • Subject Verb Agreement: If you want to learn more about getting subjects and verbs to agree, make sure you check out Capital Community College’s guide to subjects and verbs. The site is full of info about different subject/verb issues, as well as having exercise to help you test your knowledge.
  • Tense Shift Errors: If you want to learn more about tense shift errors with verbs, go to Pen and Page’s page on verb tenses. The site has information about the different kinds of tenses, as well as offering you several exercises to test your knowledge.
  • Sentence Structure: If you are looking for a good guide on sentence structure, Towson University offers a great guide on how to construct effective sentences, as well as how to avoid fragments and run-ons.
  • Sentence Fragments: If you want to understand sentence fragments, look at Capital Community College’s guide to avoiding and correcting sentence fragments.  
  • Run-on and Comma Splice: Learn more about run-on & comma splice errors at the University of St. Cloud’s website. The site is full of tips for fixing and finding run-ons or fragments.  
  • Understanding Nouns: If you want some practice identifying and working with nouns, this site will provide exercises and quizzes to help you understand nouns.
  • Recognizing Pronouns: Pronouns can be tricky, so check out the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’s website on pronouns. The site has information on using personal pronouns, using pronouns as subjects, and when not to use pronouns.  
  • Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers: This is an excellent web site about misplaced and dangling modifiers that will help you answer any questions.
  • Word Choice: Correct word choice is important to the clarity and sophistication of writing, so please visit this University of North Carolina webpage to increase your skills in this area.

ESL Grammar Sites:

  • Articles: Having trouble with articles? Don’t quite understand when to use “the” or “and”? Check out this site for a great guide on when and how to use articles. Once you’ve read the guide, make sure you test you knowledge with their quiz.
  • Indefinite and Definite Articles: If you want help working with indefinite and definite articles, go practice your skills at
  • Qualifiers: This web site will provide you with several exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge of qualifiers.
  • English Verb Combinations: The English Page has put together a comprehensive guide to all the English language verbs. The site also has some excellent practice exercises, so check it out.
  • Root Words, Suffixes, and Phonics: Ways to understand and simplify language.

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