Welcome to the Language Lab at Skyline College!

The Language Lab is designed to support and assist students in the World Languages and ESOL departments.

The lab has 35 student stations and an instructor station complete with headphones. Students may use the lab to access audio/visual materials for their courses. 


The Language lab offers the following software programs for students:

  1. Rosetta Stone for Arabic
  2. Rosetta Stone for Spanish
  3. Rosetta Stone for Filipino
  4. Rosetta Stone for Chinese
  5. Houghton Mifflin English Composition and Grammar
  6. Audacity (voice recording software).

Learn more about the Language Lab

For help with the Language Lab, or if you are a language professor and want to reserve the lab for class meetings, please email or call Judy Cheung in the The Learning Center at (650) 738-4144.

When requesting a reservation, please remember that language students utilize the lab to meet time requirements for their courses.

Learning Lab Calendar:

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