Welcome to the Language Lab at Skyline College!

The Language Lab is designed to support and assist students in the World Languages and ESOL departments, as well as students requiring voice recording and language learning equipment and software. The Language Lab has 35 PC computer stations, a large projection screen, ceiling-mounted projector, and an instructor station with PC desktop and document camera.


The Language lab offers these resources for students:

  1. Audacity software: for recording your voice to strengthen your spoken English skills
  2. Headphones with attached microphone for easy voice recording and interaction with language- learning software
  3. Access to a quiet study area to complete assigned work for ESOL and Global Languages courses. 
  4. Free, easy to use web applications for learning English composition and grammar

Learn more about the Language Lab

For help with the Language Lab, or to make a faculty reservation for class meetings, please call (650) 738-4144 or email Judy Cheung in the The Learning Center.

Please make reservation requests as early as possible in advance due to high demand for peak hours (10:am - 2:00pm)

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