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Have a regular study time

Set a regular time to study. Make up a time schedule for each week, plan your study time, and stick to the plan.

Create a study area

Have a regular, quiet place to study. No distractions, or as few as possible. Have a dictionary, pen and pencil, paper, and calculator handy.

Make lists

Keep a "To Do" list and a monthly calendar. List dates that assignments and projects are due. Keep your list accurate.

Take notes

Review your class notes immediately after class. Fill in your notes immediately after class while the class discussion is fresh in your mind. Look over your notes before class to refresh your memory. Prepare questions for your instructor on topics on which you are unsure.

Take notes from reading assignments

Write notes and questions from your reading assignments.It's smart to find out what you don't understand. Use these notes to ask questions in class.

Pay attention

Give full attention to your work. Train yourself to listen in class. Pick up on the structure of the lecture or discussion and be ready to respond.

Develop a study system

Develop a study system. Underline, outline, and/or write a summary. Do an overall survey of the material before reading it. Ask yourself questions about the material and then look for answers to your questions when reading. Review.

Read to understand

Read to understand ideas, concepts, and vocabulary. Make sure you understand the meaning of each sentence and paragraph. A dictionary is essential. Remember, reading and vocabulary skills are essential for success.

Anticipate test questions

Anticipate test questions. Try to prepare some answers in advance based on class discussions and materials you have read. Discuss and answer possible test questions with your classmates.

Neatness counts

Make sure papers are neat. Use a computer whenever possible. Use white 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Check for spelling and grammatical errors and do it over if necessary. Hand assignments in on time.

Be strict with yourself

Success is earned through effort and hard work. Force yourself to learn strategies and develop habits that are necessary to achieve success.

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