Subject Area Writing Guide Links

Writing a Position Paper

This website by Simon Fraser University is a great guide for how to structure a position paper. The site also contains information about: how to determine your audience point of view, develop an argument, and write an outline for a position paper.

Lab Reports

The University of North Carolina has a site that details how to construct the perfect lab report. Make sure you check out the section on how to get started and the “drafting” section.

Case Studies

 Colorado State University has a site on how to conduct a case study and write it up. The most helpful aspects of this site are the sections on the different types of studies and key terms you need to use in a case study.

Critical Analysis

 If you are having trouble with critical analysis, check out this site from Southeastern Louisiana University because it features a step by step approach to critical reading and to writing a critical essay.

Compare / Contrast Essay

 Looking for a great guide to compare and contrast essays? If so, check out this page that features two different layouts for a compare and contrast essay. For those of you having trouble getting started on a compare and contrast essay, you might want to check out this site on prewriting a compare and contrast essay.

Persuasive Writing

Study Guides and Strategies put together a website designed to help students construct an effective persuasive essay. The website has excellent tips on how to begin pre-writing, drafting and editing your persuasive writing.

Natural Science Writing

This Sacramento State University site gives you detailed information about how to write a scientific paper. The site has info on everything from writing abstracts to writing up your experiment, so check it out before you start writing a science paper. 

History Writing

Boston University has put together the ultimate web resource for anyone writing a history paper. This provides tips about how to structure a history paper, stylistic issues to avoid and how to construct a bibliography.

Developing an Argument

Are you having issues developing a winning argument? If so, check out this site from Purdue University On-line Writing Lab because it has tons of information about how to improve your argument by perfecting your thesis statement.

Writing a Process Essay

Writing a process essay can be difficult, but if you check out this site from the University of St. Cloud, the essay will be easy to write. They have provided some pre-writing questions to get you started, as well as some transitions that will help you lead readers through the essay. Best of all, the site has a sample essay that shows you what a finished process essay should look like.

Cause / Effect Essay

Would you like to know more about writing a cause/effect essay? If so, the Mount Hebron Essay page is the place for you. The Cause/Effect essay section of this site features: pre-writing ideas to get you started, a list of words used to signal cause/effect, a list of possible topics to give you writing ideas, and an editing list to make sure your essay is complete.

Leading Discussions

Check out this web site about leading a discussion, which features tips for setting tone, facilitating discussion and wrapping up the discussion.

Giving Oral Presentations

This web site is full of information on how to give a successful presentation. It has sections devoted to: the introduction, controlling an audience, organizing a presentation and managing time.

Writing Business Letters

Writing business letters is something we all have to do, so the University of North Carolina has put together a site tells you: the basics of writing a business letter, suggestions on how to avoid the passive voice, ideas for maintaining focus, and examples of good letters.

Writing Cover Letters and Resumes

Are you stressing over writing a cover letter or a resume? If so, head over to this site because it is full of resume and cover letter tips as well as examples. The site also includes advice on writing a “thank you note” after an interview, which is extremely useful.

Writing a Business Report

Nothing is as difficult as writing a business report; however, if you check out this site, business reports will be painless. Featured on the site are: seven tips for writing business reports, templates for business reports and resources for business writers.

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