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Directions for Creating a Post on Blogger and Adding Embedded Videos

1. Check your email account and accept the invitation from Skyline College Oral History to contribute to the "ENGL100 - Kababayan - F14" blog.

2. Go to Blogger at: and login to Skyline College Oral History, using your address and password.

3. Click: “New Post” (or orange button with pencil icon: Create New Post button)

4. Enter information for your project:

-          In “Post Title” box, enter: Interviewee’s name and descriptive title

-          In main content area include:

-      Introduction to your interviewee and the topic(s) of the interview

-          List of Video Segments

-          Segment Title (above each embedded video segment)

-          Introduction to Segment (above each embedded video segment)
-      Optional: Add images, if desired, by clicking on the “Insert image” icon on the task bar:Insert Image icon (to the right of the “Link” icon)

5. To insert a video:

Click on the “Insert a video” icon on the task bar:Insert Video icon (two icons to the right of the “Link” icon)

-    Click: “From YouTube
-    Select a segment that you have uploaded to the skylinecollegeoralhistory YouTube channel by entering the unique YouTube code from the URL:
     -  e.g. In the URL:, 79HVUrmshGs is the unique YouTube code
-    Click the Search button and you should then see the title, description and thumbnail of your video segment
-    Click on the video information for your video segment and then click the Select button to embed the video in your blog post

* If you are unable to find your segments using the directions above, follow these steps to embed video segments:

To embed a YouTube video using HTML code:

a. Open a new window and go to the video on YouTube
b. Click on: “Share” (below the video)
c. Click on: “Embed
d. Optional: In the “Video size” box, select “640 x 480
e. If any boxes (e.g. “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”) are checked, uncheck them
f. Copy the code that is displayed (starts with “<iframe width…”, ends with “</iframe>”
g. Go back to your Blogger post page
h. Click on “HTML” on the task bar (at the left)
i. At the bottom of the code, paste the embed code from YouTube
j. Click on “Compose” on the task bar (at the left) to go back to edit or add more to your post

6. When you are done entering information, click “Publish” (at upper right)

7. You can go back and edit your post. After editing, click “Update” (at upper right)



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