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Directions for Uploading to the "skylinecollegeoralhistory" YouTube channel

Before uploading, save or re-name files with student’s last name and first initial at the beginning of the file name, then dash, then segment title, e.g. JonesA-Seg1.mp4 or PerezR-ComingToUS.mp4

To upload videos:

On a computer web browser

Go to

Click on the Upload button at the top of the page (to the right of the search box)

When asked to sign in,

For User Name or Email, enter: skylinecollegeoralhistory

For Password, enter: Kaba*****Spring16   (K must be capital) (use letters instead of ****)

Click: Sign in

Click on: Select Files to Upload

Select files to upload or drag and drop video files

Be sure to set the privacy setting to: Public.

On an iPad

Upload directly from iMovie. Click here for directions.

After all of your videos are uploaded, create a Playlist of all your videos.

To create a Playlist:

On computer web browser

Click on the icon to the right of “SkylineCollegeOralHistory” at the upper right of the page

Click on: Video Manager

Click on check boxes to the left of each of you video files

After all of your videos have been checked, click on the Playlists pull-down menu at the top of the video list and select: Add to New Playlist

In the Enter playlist name box, enter the name of the person you interviewed Click: “Create Playlist

On an iPad or other mobile device

View each of your videos that you want to add to a new playlist

Tap the Share button (curved right arrow) below the video window

Tap “Add to Playlist

Select “Create New Playlist…” Name it: the name of the person you interviewed, e.g. Frank Santos

Select: Public


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