Printing from Library Computers

1. Follow the Print procedures from any program or application.




2. When the Print Control For The Desktop window opens up, type in either your your initials or your first name under Client ID. This window also will tell you how many pages you want to print and how much it will cost.

3. Click on Print Document.

Print Control for Desktop dialog box


Paying For and Printing Your Document

All printed documents can be paid for and released at the Print Release Station next to the printers.  
1. Insert your Print/Copy Card in the Card Reader located on the right side of the computer monitor. card reader
2. When asked to type in your Student ID, type in EXACTLY what you typed in at the computer you printed from. (We recommend that you use either your initials or first name. 3. Click OK. print release station

3. If you typed your print job name correctly, your document will appear on the Print Queue.

4. Press Print Document. Then your document will be printed on one of the HP Printers to the right or left of the Print Release Station.  Computers on Tables A and B print to the right printer; computers on Tables C and D print to the left printer.

Steps 4 & 5: enter G number and Print Document


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I print multiple documents using the same print job name?

The answer is YES! After typing in your print job name correctly at the Print Release Station, you will see all the documents you have requested to print in the Print Queue. To select each document individually, press and hold the CTRL key and click on the documents you would like to print. Then, press Print Document.

2. Can I print from my laptop and then one of the Library's computers using the same print job name?

The answer is YES! Regardless of what printing method you use, ALL documents you print using your print job name will be listed on the screen.

3. Can I print my document on both sides of the paper?

Unfortunately, no. Our printers cannot support double-sided printing at this time.

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