Class Schedule

Fall 2014 Courses        

Type Status Title Days Time Instructor
Evening Class  Online Class CLASS OVER LIT. 251 - 91647 - Women in Literature

(Pass/No Pass or letter grade.)

Minimum of 48 lecture hours/semester. Prerequisite: ENGL 100 or equivalent.
A study of the historical, sociopolitical and cultural concerns of women as these appear in novels, short stories, and poetry. A glimpse into the struggle for self-identity and the forces that interact in the course of this struggle. Transfer credit: UC; CSU (C2).

TBA Erwert,A
Evening Class  Online Class CLASS OVER LIT. 432 - 94307 - Folklore

(Pass/No Pass or letter grade.)

Three lecture hours per week. Prerequisite: ENGL 100 or 105, or equivalent.

A lively study of folk tales, legends, beliefs, superstitions, proverbs, mythology, folk life, folk speech, folk songs, lyrics, folk epics, and their influence in the literature and culture that form our heritage. Special attention will be given to folklore of various racial and ethnic groups that mold American society. Transfer credit: UC; CSU (C2).

TBA Erwert,A

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