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 Matt Arriola

Click here to read the research essay, “Homesick Home”, by Kenneth Brown

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2010 interview by Kenneth Brown with Matt Arriola, who moved to Daly City from the Philippines.  Experiencing both cultures of America and being born and raised in the Philippines.  In this Interview Matt and I sat down and discussed what it really meant to be a Filipino amongst his peers and if he misses his homeland.  What it means to have a dual sense of identity and growing up in Daly City.


Matt Arriola (Left); Kenneth Brown (Right). This picture was taken on 2010 at Great America.


Table of Contents:
1. Family Background

2. Leaving the Philippines

3. Arriving to the U.S.

4. Being Filipino in the U.S.

5. Reflection

Segment 1
Family Background
Matt talks about his family background and some differences in U.S. and Philippines.



Segment 2
Leaving the Philippines
Matt talks about his time leaving the Philippines and explains why he had to leave.



Segment 3
Arriving to the U.S.
Matt talks about his first reaction upon arriving to the U.S. 



Segment 4
Being Filipino in the U.S.
Matt explains how being Filipino amongst his peers is not really a challenge.



Segment 5
Matt talks about how he would do things differently if he had a choice. Reflects on what has happened.




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