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 Angie Dumagsa-Velasco

Click here to read the research essay, America: New Home for Immigrants, by Rochelle Elep

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2012 interview by Rochelle Elep with Angie Velasco, who came to America through her veteran father and is now a US citizen.



Angie Velasco 


Table of Contents:
1. Family Background
2. Life in the Philippines

3. Immigrating to United States

4. American Life

5. Filipino and American values

6. Citizenship

7. American Dream and Success in US


Family Background
Family Background
Angie Velasco’s family background.

Angie Velasco and family in the Philippines



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Life in the Philippines as a youngster
Life in the Philippines
Angie Velasco's life growing up in the Philippines.


Angie and her sisters



A day out with family in the Philippines




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Process of going to United States
Immigrating to United States
Velasco's experience coming into United States and adjusting to the American life.


Angie with family in Yosemite.  


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Life in America
American life
Velasco's life in America, finding a job, and settling in.

Angie Velasco with American friends and co-workers  



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Keeping Filipino values alive
Filipino and American values
Velasco's family life in the United States. Also, comparing Filipino values from American values and discrimination in US.


SF Giants game with family and friends in US  



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Citizenship and Belonging
Being a naturalized American citizen and how it feels like. Velasco also talks about teaching her kids the Filipino language and keeping in touch with family in the Philippines.



 Keeping family traditions (Top: Christmas 2010; Bottom: Christmas 2011)




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The American Dream!
American dream and success in US
Advantages of living in America and kids' education.


Family vacation in Disney LA!  




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