Carpool Parking Permit Application

Students wishing to obtain a Carpool Vehicle parking Permit must fill out an application form listing the person who will be carpooling together and the vehicles that will be used for transportation. Upon review and approval, a Carpool Vehicle Parking Permit will be issued to the applicants(s) for the academic semester and will expire at the end of the semester it was issued for. Citations WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDED FOR DISMISSAL for lost or forgotten permit, improperly dislplayed carpool permit (must be hung on inside rear view mirror and readable from outside the vehicle), not knowing the parking regulations, not displaying valid semester or daily permits with the date stamp side up, and/or not seeing the signs.
* Required

Additional Information

In order for a vehicle to park in the Car/Van Pool designated space, the vehicle MUST display a valid Car/Van Pool parking permit and a valid student parking permit or alid daily parking permit, as well as having a minimum of (3) occupants in the vehicle when it is parked. Car/Van Pool parking permits are valid only for the driver(s) and vehicle(s) listed on the application. It is a violation of the law to copy, diuplicate, manufacture or otherwise reproduce Car/Van Pool parking permits as well as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Violators may be arrested and prosecuted for forgery and theft pursuant to California Penal Code sections 470 and 484 as well as face immediate student discplinary action. Car/Van Pool parking permits may not be transferred or lent to another person or another vehicle that is not on the application. If a person displays a valid Car/Van Pool parking permit issued to another person or vehicle, that vehicle is subject to a scitation The Car/Van Pool parking permit will be seized and a report will be forwarded to the Vice-President of Student Service for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. The seized Car/Van Pool parking permit will not be retuned to the person(s) who applied for the permit. By signing below, I agree to follow all District, and College policies and regulations on all San Mateo Community College District property.

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