Kinesiology / Physical Education Overview

Kinesiology / Physical Education prepares students to transfer to baccalaureate institutions where they may complete a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology / Physical Education or a related discipline. Courses in Kinesiology / Physical Education teach students an appreciation of the role exercise, activity and sports play in the development of well-rounded individuals interested in physical well-being and the productive use of leisure time.

Areas of Study

  • Adaptive Physical Education. (ADAP)
  • Fitness (FITN)
  • Individual sports (INDV)
  • Team sports (TEAM)
  • Kinesiology and Physical Education core courses (KINE and PE)

Goals / Focus

The goal of the Kinesiology / Physical Education program is to educate students on the benefits and processes related to fitness and physical activity. This is done through a wide variety of activity and lecture based classes. Kinesiology / Physical Education focuses on the development and application of critical thinking skills. Students must not only be able to perform skills, improve fitness and demonstrate competency but also think critically about the role of activity as a means to promote health and well-being.

Career Options

The study of Kinesiology / Physical Education may be used as the basis for careers which include, but are not limited to athletic director, athletic trainer, camp counselor, choreographer, coach, community center leader, corrective therapist, dance therapist, exercise test technologist, health and safety director, industrial recreation leader, league manager, personal trainer, playground director, physical or adaptive therapist, recreation leader, recreation specialist, recruiter, referee, resort sports coordinator, sportscaster, sports editor, and teacher.

A Note on Course Curriculum Regulations

Effective starting the Fall 2013 semester, Kinesiology and Dance activity courses are no longer repeatable due to changes in state regulations.

View more information about those regulations, limitations on enrollment and curricular options.

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