ESOL Placement Testing

Skyline either will need to or will want you to take an English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course. You may be required to complete certain English/ESOL courses to enter another Skyline program or to complete requirements for transfer, graduation, or certification. You may want to take an English/ESOL course to improve your skill in reading or in writing for work, for other college classes, or for personal enjoyment.

What English classes are available and what order do you take them in? Skyline College offers both ESOL and supplemental course for each level to prepare students for college-level work in ESOL and in other college courses.

ESOL 851+861+871 (Level 1), Basic Conversational English,

ESOL 852+862+872 (Level 2), Pre-Intermediate Conversational English

ESOL 830 or 863+873 (Level 3), Intermediate Listening & Speaking

ESOL 840 or 864+874 (Level 4), High-Intermediate Listening & Speaking

ESOL 400 (Level 5), Advanced ESL Grammer & Editing (transferable course)


Are there other related courses that you can take?

Yes, other related courses are courses reading, grammar, listening, speaking, and workplace English.

If English is not your first language, do you take this English placement test or another one?
It depends. A good question to ask yourself is how much education have you had in a native English-speaking environment. If you came to the United States when you were very young and went all through school here, you probably should take the English placement test. However, if you immigrated to the United States after you were grown and have not been here for very long, you probably should take the ESOL placement test. If you are not sure, you could check with the ESOL counselor at the English Language Institute (ELI) or with a general Skyline counselor at the Counseling Department.

If you take the ESOL placement test, the test scores will be used to place you in an ESOL class, an English course for speakers of other languages. 

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