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Welcome to the Skyline College Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Cycle (SLOAC) website, where you will find resources to help you to engage in the process. For a hands-on resource, consult the Framework, which was created by your colleagues on the SLOAC Steering Committee (now IE Committee). In addition to articulating our campus' philosophy about the use of the SLOAC in optimizing student learning, the Framework explains key terminology and concepts as well as provides templates for your use. For your convenience, these templates can be downloaded from Steps, Tips, and Worksheets, where you also can access steps to assess on the course and student service program level. And finally, on the Examples page are helpful models of completed assessment cycles. Please check the three-year assessment calendars for when your department scheduled courses for assessment.

Please direct any feedback or inquiries to IE Committee Chair Karen Wong. We are here to help you.