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Skyline College SLOAC Newsletters

  1. Fall 2013 Newsletter  -- deriving meaning from and acting on assessment results examples
  2. Spring 2013 Assessment Toolkit  -- creating assessment plans; configuring and analyzing data; generating action plans; assessing at the program level
  3. Fall 2012 End-of-Semester Reminders  -- assessing sustainably and accessing campus resources to engage in assessment
  4. Fall 2012 Newsletter  -- conceiving of assessment as a learner-centered pedagogy and acting on the results to improve student learning

Assessment Workshop Handouts

Assessing at Skyline College (2007)

  1. Powerpoint presentation
  2. Exercise Handouts

Flex Workshop with Jerry Rudmann on Strategies, Tips, and Tools for Facilitating Learning Outcomes Assessment (2008)

  1. Powerpoint Presentation for Instruction
  2. Powerpoint Presentation for Student Services
  3. Handouts for both presentations
  4. Handouts for Student Services Student Services Goal Clarity Instrument  

Rubrics Presentation by Coastline CC Presenters (2006)

  1. Rubric Exchange: Assess coursework-- essays, performances, porfolios, projects-- using rubrics that articulate evaluative criteria. Build rubrics using their "Rubrics Studio" feature. Access others' rubrics and post your own on their "Rubrics Gallery."

Surveys Presentation   by Skyline Presenters (2008- 2009)

This Powerpoint presentation is an informative and accessible introduction to surveys, identifying the steps to create surveys as well as ten tips to write effective statements.

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Have you ever reached the end of a unit and realized that you could have better taught one step that would have helped students to better perform on their culminating project or exam?

Using the simple assessment tools, CATS (Classroom Assessment Techniques), faculty can gain insights into how to improve the quality of student learning earlier on in instruction, which leads to more formative feedback for students as well as more immediate feedback into our teaching effectiveness. Available in the library and at Skyline SLOAC, CATS workshops are copies of Angelo and Cross' book on CATS.

To identify the techniques best suited for assessing your particular teaching goals, University of Iowa has a link where you can take the TGI online and it will generate a report for you.

Mary Allen's Workshop Handout   (2006)

This handout provides a helpful overview of program level SLOs and the benefits and drawbacks of various assessment methods.

Assessment Organizations

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

The mission of NILOA is to discover and  disseminate ways that academic programs and institutions can productively use assessment data internally to inform and strengthen undergraduate education, and externally to communicate with policy makers, families and other stakeholders.

The Research and Planning Group of California Community Colleges' Learning Outcomes Asssesment Toolkit

On this website are a set of resources for the assessment of learning outcomes at various levels including course, program, GE, institutional, and Student Services. Resources include research designs, curriculum maps, reporting forms, assessment reports, and annual reports.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities' Assessment Resources

AAC&U develops and advances assessment practices that deepen, integrate, and demonstrate student learning, through advocacy of learning-centered assessment policies, support for campus work to develop meaningful assessment approaches, and experimentation with common e-portfolio frameworks.

Books Available in the Skyline College Library

  • Angelo and Cross' Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Komives, Woodard & Associates' Student Services
  • Nilson's The Graphic Syllabus and the Outcomes Map: Communicating Your Course
  • Schuh, Upcraft & Associates' Assessment Practice in Student Affairs
  • Walvoord and Anderson's Effective Grading
  • Walvoord's Assessment Clear and Simple
  • Wiggins' Educative Assessment