2014-2015 SLOAC/ Institutional Effectiveness Committee Members

You are welcome to attend our meetings, which generally take place the fourth Monday of each month from 2-3:30, Room 6203. Meetings this year will be on August 25, September
22, October 27, November 24, February 2*, February 23, March 30*, and April 27. The two meetings with an asterisk beside them are not on the usual fourth Mondays.

Contact Karen Wong if you'd like assistance and/or feedback on writing SLOs, assessing, and/or TracDat.

Associated Students of Skyline College

Nichole Palmer


Coordinator, Cosmetology/ Wellness-- Kim Jackson

Early Childhood Education-- Sarita Santos

Program Services Coordinator, ECE-- Kristina Brower


Lorraine DeMello, Jacquie Escobar

Language Arts

Communication Studies— Michael Bishow

English/ Reading — Lucia Lachmayr

Library/ Information Literacy

Dennis Wolbers (Chair of Curriculum Committee)


Jan Fosberg

Science, Math, and Technology

Biology-- Nick Kapp

Mathematics — Evan Leach

Surgical Technology — Alice Erskine

Program Services Coordinator, SMT-- Alana Utsumi

Social Sciences / Creative Arts

Administration of Justice- Steve Aurilio

Photography — Arthur Takayama

Research and Planning

Dean of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness -- Aaron McVean 

Karen Wong (Chair of the SLOAC/ IE Committee)


Dean of Counseling-- Angelica Garcia

VP of Instruction -- Sarah Perkins 


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