Career Pathways Initiative - Sparkpoint

San Mateo County Community Collaborative - SparkPoint
SB70 / SB1133    2010-2012


Funded by the California Community College Career Pathways Initiative, this community collaborative partners with the United Way of the Bay Area to launch the SparkPoint Center at Skyline College to support success and retention in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs for students and their families working to achieve financial stability. SparkPoint Centers intentionally fine-tune these networks to create stronger aligned webs of support for those served by them. These enhanced networks increase families' economic growth by connecting them to a tipping point of resources bundled with excellent career certificates and degrees.

In this community collaborative, education will partner with the larger workforce development system and non-governmental agencies such as the United Way of the Bay Area develop and articulate curriculum, provide integrated contextualized instruction tied to labor market demand and embed academic success within a larger context of self sufficiency.


This includes development in three areas:

1) employment and career development,

2) work supports and public benefits, and

3) financial literacy and asset-building strategies.

This approach will target:

  • Career Exploration for 7th & 8th Graders
  • Career Pathway Development for High Demand Employment Sectors
  • Teacher and Faculty Externships in Business and Industry, and
  • CTE Professional Development for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators.