General Tutor Training

All peer tutors in The Learning Center are required to complete the 16-week LSKL 110 Tutor Training course.  Tutors completing LSKL 110 will receive CSU transferable course credit and will have satisfied the first part of the required training to receive a Level I CRLA Certificate.  They will be eligible to work in The Learning Center as a tutor as the budget permits.

The 16-week course content is below; 5 weeks of the training (weeks 10-14) will be discipline specific.

WEEK 1: Introduction to Tutoring

WEEK 2: Confidentiality and the Tutor Contract

WEEK 3: Tutor Role and Utilizing Resources

WEEK 4: The Socratic Method

WEEK 5: The Tutor Cycle

WEEK 6: Working with Students With Disabilites

WEEK 7: Positive Reinforcement

WEEK 8: Cultural Awareness

WEEK 9: Multiple Intelligence

WEEKS 10-14: Discipline Specific Training

English Tutor Training
Math Tutor Training
Tutors of Other DisciplinesTraining

WEEK 15: Success Strategies for Learners

WEEK 16: Wrap Up and Final Evaluation

Tutor Tasks to Do When Not Tutoring:
During downtime when tutors are not working with students, please review the following materials:


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