Clubs and Organizations

A wide variety of leadership and volunteer opportunities are availablechristian within campus clubs and organizations. Becoming part of a campus organization is a great way to enhance your experience at Skyline College. These groups focus on a wide variety of student interests such as career options, academics, cultural support, social events and interest, political service and religion. Students are also encouraged to start new clubs and organizations to suit their interests.

Get involved! There are more than 35 clubs to be a part of!


Skyline College Organization and Club Council

Office of the Associated Students of Skyline College

Building 6, Room 6214     Like Us on Facebook
(650) 738- 4327

Want to come to Skyline College Organizations and Club Council Meetings? We meet in Room 6202 every first and third Wednesday of the month at 2pm. See Calendar.


Facilities for Student Clubs and Activities

Return completed Club Activity Permit Form to Amory Cariadus, Student Life and Leadership Manager (Room 6212, ext. 4334)

Please Note:
All student-sponsored events require the following signatures:

  1. Student Advisor
  2. Student Life and Leadership Manager
  3. Appropriate Dean, if using space other than Cafeteria or Quad
  4. Vice President of Student Services

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