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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoP) at Skyline College are a new professional development opportunity to bring together small interdisciplinary teams of faculty, staff, and administrators (6-8) who will meet regularly throughout the academic year to discuss, strategize, address pedagogy or academia-related problem of mutual interest. The goal of each CoP will be to develop a workplan by October 2017 that outlines deliverables for the academic year. It is expected that each CoP will meet a minimum of once a month and present results of projects to the campus community on Flex Day, August 2018. 


The topic areas for the communities of practices this year are:

1. Social Justice and Sustainability 

2. Service Learning

3. Transformative Pedagogy and Practices

4. Hybrid and Online Learning


Why are we launching Communities of Practice?

Skyline College is investing heavily in professional development for faculty and staff—infusing pedagogy with culturally fluency and digital knowledge. Redesigned and more effective student experiences require multiple dimensions of faculty expertise. While content knowledge is essential, expertise in effective teaching practices, curriculum pathway design, instructional technologies, learning assessment, and student development are equally important. Communities of Practice create a cross-functional structure to improve student success.


Who are the Faculty Leads?

Carla Grandy, Social Justice and Sustainability 

Jesse Raskin, Service Learning 

John Ulloa, Transformative Pedagogy and Practices

Christopher Collins and Kim Saccio-Kent, Hybrid and Online Learning


How can I participate as a CoP group member?

Each CoP will host a breakout session during Flex Day on Tuesday August 15, 2017. During the session, the faculty lead will provide an overview of their topic, how this could be applied at Skyline College, and give a call out for participation. 


If you would like more information on CoP, please refer to the sources below:

1. Powerful Learning Communities By: Oscar T. Lenning, Denise M. Hill, Kevin P. Saund

2. Community of Practice Design Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing & Cultivating Communities of Practice in Higher Education