Meet Jesus Julian Rocha-Silva julian

Major/Certificate: Communications

Class Of: 2013

Transfer Goal: Obtain an A.S. and transfer to a four year university. My priority top schools are: CSU Fullerton, and,
San Francisco State University; also, I will like to
transfer to U.C. Santa Cruz. I want to major in broadcasting
Broadcasting and Media Studies with
a minor in Latin-American Studies.

Why did you choose Skyline College?

When I graduated high school my mentor took me onto a personal tour to the college he went to, his alma mater Skyline College. Skyline College is a small campus that permits every student to have contact with faculty and other students. Another reason is that Skyline College is a beautiful campus up on the hill—providing an atmosphere free way that there are no distractions around, which permits me to focus in my studies.

How are you involved at Skyline College?

Currently, I am involved in many different clubs and programs at Skyline College. I am part of the Puente program, which involves English, counseling, and career classes. Puente helped me to network with professionals as well as to connect with mentors that guide and support me throughout college education. I am also a member of L.A.S.O., Latin American Student Organization. Through LASO, the club focus is to educate the community about the Latino culture, and the difference between Latinos, food, and diversity. Last semester LASO organized, for Latino Heritage Month, a panel with professional Latinos who talked about their experiences. Another club I am involved, as President, is S.A.F.E.R., Students Advocating For Educational Rights, previously known as PODER. The club ideology is to help AB540 students to continue to pursue higher education and obtain resources to educational access. This year, as a president, the club was able to work on a proposal, which includes making flyers with informationdissemination of information, visits to high schools, and educate education of parents and faculty to understand what AB540 is. The club obtained a grant to fund the proposal to also offer scholarships for AB540 students. During the spring semester I joined the Associate Student of Skyline College as a Senator. Even though it is the first semester for me in the ASSC, I learned how to help students' voice to be heard. I was elected to run for senator one more year, 2012- 2013. For this term I have many ideas and proposal that I hope to make it happen.

What have you enjoyed most about your Skyline College experience?

Skyline College has granted me the opportunity to meet great people such as friends, mentors, and faculty, who have guided me through my college experience. The small campus makes it easy to access to resources to continue my pursuepursuit in higher education. This Campus have has great faculty, who have guided me to find a path to my success and discover what I want to do.

How has Skyline College prepared you to achieve your academic goals?

The learning community and many other program Skyline College has, helped me to create goals to achieve success in many aspects of my life, personally, academic, and as community member.

What has been your favorite class?

Latina American history has been my favorite class, for I am from Mexico and still learn more from other countries.

What resources/services have supported you during your Skyline College experience?

The Puente program has been my biggest support. Puente has understand advisors and members really understand my background, so the professors really knows the struggles I, as a Latino, have faced. Puente connected me with mentors, who taught me and share experience to continue to be successful. ASSC shows me to be a leader, to take responsibilities for my actions.

What are your plans for the upcoming academic year?

I am looking forward to start applying to four years universities; also, to be a mentor to new students. As well as, I also want to keep up with my inner growth to help the community.

What advice do you have for perspective Skyline College students?

Enjoy everything! Life is is in your hands. There are so many opportunities in life, so embrace all of them and do not let go of those people who can change your world.


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