Meet Patiane GladstonePatiane


Major/Certificate: Anthropology/Political science

Class Of: 2013

Transfer Goal: San Francisco State

Why did you choose Skyline College?

My granddaughter attended classes here

How long have you attended Skyline College?

Since fall of 2009

How are you involved at Skyline College?

Presently I am a member of the ASSC, Anthropology Club and WIT (Women’s in Transition) Club

What have you enjoyed most about your Skyline College Experience?

Meeting new and interesting people, learning new things, and new ways of doing things

What resources/services have supported you during your Skyline College Experience?

I have been supported by many services here on campus: The The Learning Center,EOPS, DSPS, Career Center.

How have you chosen to give back to your college community?

By helping other students learn of the many services available to them, serving on various school committees, such as Districted Participatory Governance and participating in many functions that benefit the school

What are the plans for the upcoming academic year?

Study hard and help out on campus wherever I can.

What advice do you have for perspective Skyline College students?

Work hard, don’t carry too large a course load, and by all means be active in community here at Skyline!

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