ShamikaShamika LaTrice Wilson


Major/Certificate: Allied Health

Class Of: 2012

Transfer Goal: Obtain Bachelors of Science while attending San Francisco State

Why did you choose Skyline College?

I had visited a few colleges when I came to California but only Skyline’s counselors and many of the faculty and staff took extra time to help me set and reach my goals successfully from entrance until graduation.

How are you involved at Skyline College?

How am I not involved is a better question! Since attending Skyline College, I am a member and advocate for many learning and support communities such as The Spark Point Center, TRiO, MESA, ASTEP, Environmental Club, Honors Transfer, and a new member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, Skyline’s chapter Beta Theta Omicron.

What have you enjoyed most about your Skyline College experience?

The resources here at Skyline are very helpful and very family oriented. I feel comfortable asking for help and confident that I will receive the proper connections for the help I am requesting. No program leaves you feeling left out or forgotten about. This is one place I can truly say most of the faculty and staff goes out of their way to provide for its students.

How has Skyline College prepared you to achieve your academic goals?

I came to California and Skyline with no family, very few friends and extremely unprepared. Through the work of many faculty and peers, my confidence and drive has been restored, and I believe I can achieve many educational endeavors to aid in securing my future. I know how to apply for scholarships, write personal statements, and give and receive tutoring. I have even learned to plan and schedule my classes so that I get the most of my education.

What resources/services have supported you during your Skyline College experience?

There are so many to list! ASTEP/Math Academy, CalWorks/EOPS, TRiO, Spark Point, Financial Aid, MESA, are all of the resources and services that have aided me. They have shaped and polished me to become one step closer to becoming that diamond in the rough.

What are your fondest memories about being a part of Skyline College?

Hiding from Professor Patricia Deamer if you did not pass one of her math tests would be number one! Also, the many bonding experiences that I was able to take part in like Santa’s Helper with ASTEP/Math Academy at the Skyline Child Development Center, and Expanding your Horizons. I love that so much.

What advice do you have for perspective Skyline College students?

Find your resources, make your connections, and use them. Closed mouths do not get fed in this academic world. If you just reach out, make an effort, and do your best you, will find everything will work in your favor. Be more than just an excuse because if I can do it with two kids, as a single parent and still remain an honors student, you can too.

How have you chosen to give back to your college community?

I’ve give back with: participation in Expanding Your Horizons, working with VITA this semester preparing free income taxes, for low income families, being an avid advocate for Spark Point Center, and passing on any knowledge that has helped me make it through for those coming behind me that may need the added support.

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