San Mateo County Community College District has demonstrated outstanding leadership in environmental stewardship through green building and facilities operations and management.  

Skyline College Facilities Master Plan

This commitment to sustainability has resulted in substantial cost savings from energy-efficiency and reduced operational expenditures, thereby enhancing investments to SMCCCD’s core educational mission. In any projects incorporating emerging technologies to improve sustainability, the District will undertake a rigorous analysis of their cost-effectiveness and contribution to overall fiscal responsibility.

Skyline College Facilities Master Plan aims to:

  • Integrate sustainable design practices, materials, and technologies into new construction and renovation projects .
  • Raise public awareness about the importance of sustainability.
  • Develop campuses as learning environments that exemplify sustainable practices.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Provide leadership and community responsibility
  • Create sheltered exterior spaces to maximize the potential for enjoyment of the outdoors.

Skyline College Sustainability Plan

SMCCCD has furthered this initiative by creating District-wide sustainability goals for all three campuses. Skyline College has set specific goals for energy efficiency, facilities operations and maintenance and building standards. Click the link to view the Skyline College Sustainability Plan.



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