Committee Members 2012-2013

Members of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) include interested faculty, staff and administrators.

Cindy Moss (Professor)

Science/Math/Technology - Math

Garrett Nicol (Professor)

Language Arts - ESOL

Bridget Fischer (Distance Education/Professor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Art/Distance Education Coordinator

Elizabeth Gaudet (Web Programmer Analyst)

President's Office - Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

Jude Navari (Professor)

Social Science/Creative Arts - Music

Thomas Broxholm (Program Coordinator/Professor)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Automotive

Christopher Weidman (Instructional Aide II/Alternative Media)

Student Services - DSPS

Alma Cervantes (Adjunct Faculty)

Business, Education and Professional Programs - Business Computer Sys. & Mgmt.

Raymond Hernandez (Dean of Science/Math/Technology)

Science/Math/Technology - Division Office

Judith Lariviere (Assistive Technology Computer Specialist)

Student Services - DSPS

James Petromilli (Consultant)

Academic Support and Learning Technologies - Division Office

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