Research Findings

Each year the TRiO program conducts an Exit Survey of TRiO students that received a certificate, earned an associate degree and/or transferred to a four year institution of higher education to collect their feedback about TRiO services.  Please click here for the 2013 Exit Interview Results.


The goal of Skyline College's TRiO program is to assist first-generation, low-income and learning/physically disabled students to graduate with an associate degree and/or certificate and transfer to an institution of higher education (IHE). The following report looks at who the 333 TRiO students served for the 2012-13 academic year are offering demographic snapshots in ethnicity, eligibility, and gender.  For full report, click here.


Each year the TRiO Program is mandated to submit an Annual Performance Report by November 30th for the previous year. The following information is for the 2013-14 academic year. For a full report, click here.



TRiO students who are graduating from Skyline College and/or transferring to a four-year are asked to complete an exit interview.  Students are asked to complete the survey anonymously either by paper and pen or online.  The data from each question is compiled, analyzed, interpreted, and presented graphically.  This information is used by TRiO staff to identify project areas of strength, along with areas of improvement. For a full report of the 2013 Exit Interview Results, click here.

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