Offerings in the World Languages Program are representative of the world’s languages and serve the needs of the constantly changing Bay Area economy, the community, and our students. They include European languages (Italian and Spanish), Asian languages (Filipino and Chinese), one language for the hearing impaired (American Sign Language) and one Middle Eastern language (Arabic).  The Program embraces Skyline College’s mission and goals of academic excellence, student-centered education, appreciation for diversity, lifelong learning, social responsibility, shared governance, open access and community connections.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Effective Communication: Identify and describe language structure and functions exhibiting strong ability in the main components of the linguistic system of the four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension
  • Effective Communication: Summarize, translate and interpret the main grammatical structures in language to offer various explanations and understandings of why and how people communicate
  • Critical Thinking: Critically consider, analyze, and research special issues in sociolinguistics, bilingualism and multiculturalism.
  • Citizenship: Apply cultural and grammatical theories, principles, and concepts to address real life problems and situations in the foreign language acquisition and cognition field.
  • Citizenship: Bring back into the community and apply the skills, abilities, and knowledge acquired in the SKYFLA program for the improvement of others and themselves, and to further the objectives of translation, interpretation and communication in different foreign languages in society.

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