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Lead with Integrity - Expect Excellence

Leading with integrity requires open and honest communication in an environment of transparency. Leadership will demonstrate professionalism in all efforts and interactions. We will achieve excellence in an environment that allows for risk, innovation, and creativity. We will give what is seeded time to flourish in order to promote a culture of continuous improvement. We will expect excellence from ourselves and from each other, instilling a sense of optimism even in the face of challenges.


Effective leadership requires confronting hard facts, challenging assumptions, and using data to guide our actions and decisions. The leadership will engage in meaningful research in order to meet challenges with impactful, data-driven solutions that drive the College forward. We will be willing to make difficult decisions in order to achieve positive, beneficial and lasting results.

Act as a Team of Learners and Teachers

Acting as a team requires us to collaborate together, but also to think openly and independently and to actively foster an environment that supports a wide variety of viewpoints. The leadership will recognize the value of alternative opinions, acknowledging that a constructive dialogue and healthy debate lead to more robust ideas and strategies. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable while simultaneously empowering and supporting each other to achieve excellence.

Deliberate Focus

A deliberate focus is needed in order to truly live up to our College’s mission to empower and transform a global community of learners. The leadership will always act with the well-being of the student as our driving force. We will set clear goals, identify benchmarks for success, measure results, and be disciplined in our implementation in order to achieve results. We will consistently reinforce the College’s commitment to social justice, equity and access which requires us to think and act with passion, purpose, and humility, to be intentional and deliberate, and to know when to challenge the status quo.