The Automotive Department at  Skyline College accepts donations from private individuals, small businesses and corporations. Vehicle donations, shop equipment, hand tools, power tools, automotive components, written material, financial support and scholarship funding are typical donations. 

Due to our large fleet of training vehicles we are unable to accept all vehicle donations. By submitting a donation request using the button below you will be able to provide us with the details and pictures that we will need to evaluate the educational value of the vehicle you wish to donate. Vehicles with severe mechanical problems or heavy body damage may not prove to be usable for educating our students. Conversely, you may have a vehicle that has a particular trait or specific system or transmission that would be perfect for our students to learn on.

We would like to encourage everyone who wishes to donate something to our automotive department to fill out the form. We will respond to you promptly.

If you wish to donate funds or scholarship support this is a great place to do this.  Every cent will go into the program to enhance the students learning experience or will be put towards an automotive scholarship that a lucky student can put towards books, tools and tuition.