The Career Readiness & Job Placement Hub offers a wide variety of services and resources designed to assist students in landing their dream job and to meet their individual career and employment goals.

The Career Readiness & Job Placement Hub is now located in Building 1, Room 1-311 within the Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division located on the third floor. Please stop by and say hello!

Students and community members who are looking for assistance with getting a job or paid internship, creating a resume, building a quality LinkedIn profile, preparing for an interview or expanding your networks please take a moment to share your interests by completing this form and we will contact you directly to support your needs!

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Location: Bldg. 1, Room 1-311

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One Monday per month between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. a local community based organizations and employers will join us in a virtual space to share volunteer opportunities for students and community members. Make a Difference Monday is an excellent way for you to find ways to give back to your community and empower others!

In your volunteer efforts you are also able to earn college credit through our Cooperative Education / Work Experience Program. Please contact us for more information.

Make a Difference Monday will resume in Fall 2020.

Check out our calendar for specific dates.

Get Work Now is a great opportunity for students to meet with local employers who are actively looking to hire! Join now and land your dream job!

This is open to students and community members.

Get Work Now Tips:

  • Be sure to have your resume checked out by a Job Placement Coordinator prior so it’s updated and ready to share with employers. To get started, please take a few minutes to fill out this welcome form.
  • Proactively prepare and engage in an authentic way.
  • Research and write down some questions about the company/companies in attendance.
  • Dress to impress! First impressions make lasting connections.

If you need any help preparing for this exciting experience or have any questions, please contact the Career Readiness & Job Placement Hub at 650-738-4337 or email us at We're happy to help!

The Career Readiness and Job Placement team at Skyline College is excited to offer amazing career conversation sessions to share insight on some common career topics while also providing a safe space to ask questions and to discuss a variety of topics.

Skyline College is excited to share that we have made it possible for students to access LinkedIn Learning licenses at no cost to them (a savings of almost $300 per year) through the support of our Strong Workforce Funds.

LinkedIn Learning is a great tool to gain additional skills and to explore a variety of competencies needed in the workplace. If you have a LinkedIn Profile complete this form to get an activation link to begin using LinkedIn Learning now!

Don’t have a LinkedIn Profile? Please fill out this form to get support creating your profile and activating a LinkedIn Learning license.

The Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Division is excited to announce that we have launched our Career Closet located in Bldg. 1, Rm. 1-311 for Skyline College students and the surrounding community! The Career Closet will function as an additional layer of student support resources for students and our community in need. Please schedule an appointment here and you can receive access to the complimentary services:

  • Professional Image Consultation
  • Professional Clothing needed for Interviews
  • Interview Preparation Support
  • Emergency Grooming Kit (Includes: mints, comb, mirror, hand sanitizer, hair spray, hair gel,toothbrush and toothpaste, hair band, deodorant, sewing kit, disposal razor, shaving cream, hand lotion, Kleenex, floss, Q-tips, safety pin, facial blotting sheets, clear nail polish, small wipes
  • Make-Up Consultation
  • Professional Photoshoot for LinkedIn Profile

Are you ready to begin filling your positions with the amazing and innovative students of Skyline College? We share job and paid internship opportunities to all within the Skyline College campus community. So look no further, just fill out this form to begin this process and a Job Placement Coordinator will contact you soon.

The Career Services Center offers both the SII (Strong Interest Inventory) and the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Career Assessments. These assessments can help you determine your personality, interests, and skills which can be helpful when determining a career pathway.

You can make an appointment with a career counselor by calling 650-738-4337 or visiting the Career Readiness and Job Placement Hub in Building 1, Room 1311.

Once you complete the assessment, you should schedule an appointment to meet with your career counselor to interpret the results of your assessments.

CRER 137: Life and Career Planning is a course designed for students who are undecided about a major or career direction.

The course provides a comprehensive approach to life and career planning. Interest assessments provide insights into a student's abilities, interests, and personality. Students will also explore occupational trends and ways of learning more about specific careers. Individual conferences are available to students as well as use of the Career Services Center. Transfer credit: CSU (E1). Note: This course covers material similar to that of CRER 132, 135 and 136 combined.

Get more information about the course on WebSchedule.

Dig deeper and gain career readiness skills as you search for your Dream Job!

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