Caring Campus
Behavioral Commitments for Student Success

Behavioral Commitment - A promise to use a specific action, language or visual signal to make a student feel welcome and cared for.

TRADITIONAL (face-to-face) Commitments
Be Student Ready
  • Wear name badges or post name.
  • Provide direct information to students in all communications.
  • Follow up on student experience.
Warm Referrals
  • Call ahead or walk student to the office they need to get to.
  • Follow up to ensure the student got there.
  • Utilize Campus Ambassadors.
Know Other Departments
  • Eliminate barriers by knowing where to send students.
  • Learn about other departments.
  • Create an easily accessible resource for department and division information. – “Cheat Sheet”.

Give Your Information Up Front
  • Include a ‘caring element’ in all communications.
  • Create automatic email responses.
  • Be visual in video meetings with students and/or colleagues.
Warm Handoff
  • Transfer students to appropriate services, based on student needs.
  • Include student in the handoff by providing complete information on receiving service areas.
Know Other Departments
  • Learn about other departments so you know where to send students.
  • Publish recurring Department Zoom time schedules for students.

Caring Communications
  • Include photo in campus directory.
    Find Instructions HERE
  • Add a photo to email profile
    Find Instructions HERE
  • Be “present” in all communications.
Meaningful Connections
  • Ask for student name and contact info in case you are disconnected.
  • Provide student info and concern.
  • Open doors and eliminate barriers for students when you can.
Clear Directions and Next Steps
  • Help students find the answers they are looking for.
  • Provide clear directions for their next steps.
  • Invite students to return if they don’t find what they need.