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Meet Our Team

General Membership

General Membership is open to all classified employees at Skyline College: CSEA, AFSCME, and non-represented classified employees, including classified supervisors and management positions. All are voting members and are encouraged to attend Classified Senate meetings.

Executive Board Members (2022-2023)

The Executive Board of the Classified Senate will serve as the official leadership for the Classified Senate of Skyline College. 

President: Martin Marquez

Vice President: Kennya Ruiz

Secretary: Joshua Lindo

Treasurer: Nadia Tariq

Parliamentarian: Jose Milan

Historian: Thanh Nguyen


Classified Senators serve to represent specific areas on campus at Senate meetings. Senators have been implemented as a way to ensure all staff have the opportunity to feel connected, heard, and supported even when they can't make it to a meeting or event. If you would like to inform the senate about something, share some news, or have questions about events, efforts, or anything pertaining to Skyline College or your area within the college, please get in touch with the representative serving your area.

President's Office Division:

Social Science/ Creative Arts Division: Nancy Lam

Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Division: Sandra Hatzistratis

Business, Education, and Professional Programs Division

Student Equity and Support Programs Division

Enrollment Services Division: 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division: Benjamin Lam

Academic Support and Learning Technologies Division: Marisa Thigpen

Global Learning and Program Services Division


Want to sign up as a Senator? Apply Here!