Empower Your Dreams!

Unlock your career potential with Skyline College's cutting-edge Career Education (CE) programs.

What is Career Education?

Career Education (formerly CTE) programs offer certificates and associate degrees to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them to enter high skill and high wage careers.

Career Education offers:

  •    Certificates or Associate Degrees

    Skyline College provides programs that will prepare you with relevant and critical technical knowledge and skills for careers in current and emerging fields.

  •    Innovative and High-Quality

    Our programs are designed to ensure students experience innovative and high-quality instruction that best prepares them to obtain their “Dream Job” in high demand and high wage careers!

  •     Across Many Industries

    Skyline College is deeply committed to making sure we offer career education programs that serve our county and region in the development of high performing talent necessary across many industries.