The Field

Dance allows people to transform ideas, images and feelings into rhythmic movement that can express emotion, release energy, or make personally or socially significant statements.

In order to succeed in the field of Dance, students should be passionate about expressing themselves and their ideas through movement and performance, in addition to learning about other people and cultural traditions.  

The Dance Program at Skyline College

The Dance Program at Skyline College is committed to providing students with the foundation and skills they’ll need to enter the dance profession or transfer to a dance program at a four-year university. We prepare students to improve their level of physical dance technique, performance and expression and offer a variety of courses to help students achieve this goal. The College also offers an Associate Degree in Dance for students looking for a clear path to transfer.

Skyline College organizes dance performances every semester which include opportunities for students to choreograph and perform their work. The Performing Arts Showcase occurs each fall with a variety of student and faculty works and the Dance Concert and the Spring Musical occur each spring.

Career Outlook

Studying dance prepares students to pursue a variety of careers in the arts and education, including dance instruction, critical work, choreography, and professional dance and performance. Individuals educated in dance can work in places like schools, theaters, recreation centers, fitness centers, dance and movie studios and more. Students who wish to teach dance will likely transfer to a four-year institution to gain a teaching certificate, BA, MA, MFA, or PhD.

The State of California Employment Development Department provides an online Occupational Guide that provides helpful job descriptions, job outlooks and wages, and qualification requirements for a wide variety of careers. Use this guide to find more information about a career that may interest you.