Requirements for Both Courses
Reading Requirements

Two or more non-fiction books, plus a number of additional readings at a more advanced level.

Academic reading with in-depth analysis and more complex concepts.

Writing Requirements

5-6 text-based essays of 4-8 pages (including a mandatory research paper).

Complex thesis and outlines, advanced organizational techniques, quotation formatting and documentation.

Student Performance Expectations

At least 15 hours of course work per week.

This course is designed for college transfer. The level of difficulty is identical to equivalent English classes offered at state colleges or universities.

What's the Difference?
ENGL 105 vs. ENGL 100

English 105 and English 100 have identical requirements and expectations, and both courses are transferable to UC/CSU. The major difference between both courses is that English 105 offers students more time in the classroom with instructors to ensure student success.

English 105 courses are 80 minutes longer per week, which provides:

  • more in-depth guidance on writing assignments
  • more in-class practice
  • more time interacting with peers
  • more time with your instructor in and out of the classroom
English 105 is Recommended For:
  • students challenging out of English 846
  • students whose placement scores indicate English 105
  • students who received a ā€œCā€ in English 846
  • students who graduated with a high school GPA of 2.0-2.59
  • students who lack confidence in their reading and writing skills
  • English language learners

ENGL 100/105 Example Assignments

To judge whether you might require more time to be successful, please review the course material below to get a better sense of instructor expectations.