Jarrod Feiner Associate Professor

Language ArtsEnglish Skyline

Jarrod Feiner teaches English at Skyline College with First Year Experience and the Language Arts Division. A father of three boys, he previously worked as a mechanic in Commervial HVAC-R. Now, he teaches at the community college he attended. As a student, he learned that Skyline College loves its students; he shares the same affect as an educator at the college. As always, he is glad to see you!

Young Choi Professor

Science|Math|TechnologyMath Skyline

Courtney Mogg Adjunct Counselor

Student ServicesCounseling Skyline

Cherakah Cunningham Instructor

Language ArtsCommunication Studies Skyline

Marisa Thigpen Program Services Coordinator

Academic Support and Learning TechnologiesDivision Office Skyline