Contact & Requests

During service hours, please call 738-4142/4132 or email Kamla Bucceri.

Requests for materials, equipment, or production room reservations must be submitted in writing using the appropriate media request forms.

Requests for webinar set-ups can be made via our Skyline Zoom Webinar form. Media Services will set up the Zoom instance but it is the responsibility of each department to host and support the event.

Media requests can be made via ITS Request form or by emailing Kamla Bucceri.

Timelines Required

Please observe the following timelines for Media Services requests:

  • Equipment and Materials Delivery: at least five business days
  • Special Set Up - Special Events: at least 10 business days
  • Webinar Setup Requests: at least 10 business days

Service Hours & Location

Mon ‑ Thu


8 am - 4:30 pm

8 am - 4 pm

The Media Center is located in The Learning Center on the first floor of Building 5, Room 5115.

If you are unable to make your request within the timelines above, please be advised that we will do our best to accommodate your request. We will contact you to advise you on the availability of equipment requested and alternatives available (when applicable).

Other Campus Services

Information Technology Services: If you are experiencing a computer issue, please contact the SMCCD Information Technology Services by completing the online IT Service Request Form.

You can also go to your SMCCCD portal to file a Facilities Request.