CPR Task Force Recommendations approved in Fall 2020 included replacing the Annual Program Plan (APP) with the Program Review Update (PRU), which is conducted approximately every two years.


The Program Review Update (PRU) is an integral component of Skyline College’s planning and resource allocation processes. The bi-ennial process provides for time to implement program goals while also evaluating progress on the goals so as to refine, replace, or discontinue them. Should needed resources emerge from this evaluation, PRU’s due date purposefully coincides with the due date for the Annual Resource Request (ARR): the last Friday before Thanksgiving in November. As such, the resource need and rationale are documented in the PRU to support the resource request.


In addition, tracking goals through the PRUs provides a means for longitudinal analysis of the instructional or student/learning support service’s effectiveness, which will inform the Comprehensive Program Review.


The PRU process is supported by the Office of Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE). Partners to further support program faculty/ staff include the Curriculum Committee (CC), Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL), Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development (SPWD), and division deans.

Resources for Submitting Program Review Update  

Instructional Program PRU Template  
Student Service Program PRU Template  
Completed CPR/APP Documents
- Access goals and objectives from the past CPR and PRUs completed since then.
ISLO Description and Rubrics
- Access the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes and their rubrics to conduct a course level assessment that degree bearing programs are expected to conduct.
Data Dashboards
- Access data on student enrollment, course outcomes, degrees and certificates, and UC and CSU transfers.
Program Review Schedule  
- Access when your program is scheduled for CPR and PRUs. ARRs take place annually and are optional.
Platform User Guide to Submit CPR: How to Log in     and the PRU Online Fields    . (User account is needed. To request one, please consult with your dean.)


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