Project Change is designed to build community, on and off campus, that will serve as social, emotional and academic support for formerly incarcerated and system impacted students at Skyline College. Submit Your Project Change Interest Form or Refer a student.

"Sharing my experiences and stories of past traumas as a formerly incarcerated student has helped me build self-confidence and create new boundaries for myself . . . The many services on campus have been instrumental to my progress and recovery . . . 

- Project Change Student

Who Is Eligible? All students who . . 

-are formerly incarcerated
-have been placed on probation or parole
-are system impacted by incarceration

Next Steps

  • Submit Your Project Change Interest Form
  • Intake Meeting - we will contact you to schedule a time to meet
  • Needs Assessment - identify your needs together with Project Change staff
  • Personalized Resource Plan (PRP) - receive a PRP that connects you directly to campus resources like Priority Registration and a backpack of supplies

Get Paid for Leadership Development

  • Skyline College Project Change Earn to Learn Program

         Get paid to learn and develop leadership skills.                   

         Interested? Email:

  • UC Underground Scholars Initiative                        Community College Ambassador Program

USI Ambassador Program USI Ambassador Info Session



Grad Poster - Allen Bustos

Grad Poster - Jennifer Dickerson

Grad Poster - Joseph Surick