Our student ambassadors + peer leaders work closely with the Promise Scholars Program (PSP) to support you at Skyline College. They take initiatives in campus events, support our staff and counselors, and serve as mentors for new and continuing PSP scholars. If you are interested in becoming a PSP student ambassador, please contact us!


Trisha Mikayla Requieron Mernelo

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Computer Science

Goals at Skyline College: Current goals is to transfer to a UC, but unsure yet!

Interests: I'm into digital art and gaming. 


Andy Casas Resendiz

Major: Business Admin

Goals at Skyline College: Transfer to a 4 year

Interests: I like to travel, all music, and reading.


Annabella Raj

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Healthcare

Goals at Skyline College: Transfer to a CSU or UC to become a Physician’s Assistant.

Interests: I have been dancing and singing opera since 2018 - but it’s difficult for me to do it front of people. I also have been studying morse code for a couple years!


Esmeralda Rodriguez

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Business

Goals at Skyline College: Transfer!

Interests: I enjoy seeing new places, working out, and being creative. 


Lam Chau

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Accounting

Goals at Skyline College:Transfer to a 4-year university.

Interests: I enjoy shopping, drinking matcha latte, and hanging out with my besties.