Bachelor's Degree in Respiratory Care – Skyline College

Minimum Credits Required: 120.0

Completion of 120 semester units including upper and lower division general education course work in alignment with the California State University General Education (CSU-GE) Breadth requirements and 76.5 major semester units in Respiratory Care.

  • Completion of lower division major coursework (or equivalent) to Skyline College CoARC accredited Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Respiratory Care: (48.5 units)
    • Please note: Coursework completed at another educational institution will need to be evaluated for equivalency
  • General Education Requirements:
    • Lower division semester unit pattern (30 units)
      • Area A – English Language Communication and Critical Thinking
      • Area B – Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning
      • Area C – Arts and Humanities
      • Area D – Social Sciences
      • Area E – Lifelong Learning
      • Area F – Ethnic Studies
  • Upper division Major Coursework in Respiratory Care (28 units):
    • Advanced Cardiopulmonary Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Advanced Respiratory Case Management (3 units)
    • Principals of Health Education (3 units)
    • Health Care Research Design and Methodology (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Leadership and Management I (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Leadership and Management II (3 units)
    • Advanced Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care (3 units)
    • Respiratory Care Capstone Project (4 units)
  • Upper Division General Education (12 units):
    • Health Communication (3 units)
    • Public Health Policy (3 units)
    • Multicultural Human Relations (3 units)
    • Intersectionality and Citizenship (3 units)

 Please Note: Above are the lists of courses you need to take to complete your degree. Requirements above should be used as a guide only. Current students should consult with the Counseling Department for their specific requirements based on their catalog rights.