As part of the overall mission of Skyline College, athletics is designed to provide an environment that stresses critical thinking and skill development while encouraging personal growth, discipline, assertiveness, persistence, honesty, sensitivity and emotional control. Skyline College sponsors intercollegiate sports in the following areas: Women’s Badminton, Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Volleyball and Wrestling. Our teams participate as a member of the Coast Conference and are governed by the California Community College Athletic Association.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an expert knowledge of the strategies and skills of the sport and use critical thinking skills to apply this knowledge in competitive situations in order to participate to the best of one's ability in competition.
  • Demonstrate traits of good sportsmanship and teamwork in both competition and practice.
  • Apply discipline and commitment developed in practice and competition to academic achievement.

Goals / Practices

The goals and practices of our athletic program are to sponsor intercollegiate competitive sports in accordance with conference rules and the State Athletic Constitution; foster broad programs of men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics that are consistent with students educational objectives with an emphasis on retention, completion and transfer; encourage excellence in performance by all participants in intercollegiate athletics, as well as recognize the link that exists between academic scholarship and athletic achievement; not allow the recruitment of out-of-state student-athletes as specified in the State Athletic Constitution; direct recruiting efforts toward student-athletes residing in San Mateo County and support the right of student-athletes to attend their school of choice and participate in all activities within the conditions specified by the State Athletic Constitution; and maintain or increase balanced athletic program offerings for both men and women as student, budget and community interest will allow.


Intercollegiate Athletics at Skyline College is considered a transfer program. As such student-athletes who plan on transfer prior to receiving an Associate degree should meet with their coach and counselor / advisor and verify eligibility status for transfer based on past work and test scores from high school. Those students who transfer to a four-year school for athletic competition must meet minimum requirements in accordance with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Questions regarding eligibility can be researched by visiting the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA), and / or NAIA.


Skyline College has offered intercollegiate athletics since the school opened in 1969. Skyline has won 49 conference championships and 5 state championships during that span and has numerous individual conference and state champions as well. 113 individuals are part of the Skyline College Athletic Hall of Fame and are a distinguished group that represents excellence across a broad spectrum of sports.


For more information, students should contact:

Joe Morello
Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics and Dance
Skyline College
3300 College Drive
San Bruno, Ca. 94066
(650) 738-4293
Or visit our Athletics Teams website

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