5 star award

Beta Theta Omicron implements comprehensive programs in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship and has Five-star status, the highest status awarded by Phi Theta Kappa. Additionally, Phi Theta Kappa recognizes Beta Theta Omicron as a Distinguished Chapter.


Activities designed to implement the Scholarship Hallmark should focus primarily on the Honors Study Topic, Phi Theta Kappa selects an interdisciplinary Honors Study Topic to promote scholarship among fellow students, faculty, and precollege students. The Honors Study topic changes every two years.


Phi Theta Kappa encourages members to take leadership roles inside and outside the chapter, spearheading efforts to make a difference for both members and the wider community. These activities, projects, and events may, at first, seem like they are service-, scholarship-, or fellowship-related, but if chapter members are the visionaries, strategists, champions, and organizers of them, then they are relevant to the Leadership Hallmark.


A strong commitment to service has always been a major focus of Phi Theta Kappa's missions. The Society emphasizes the correlation between scholarship and service, and encourages chapters to become agents for change on their college campuses and in their communities.


Fellowship includes nurturing of intellectual fellowship among members; providing enjoyable activities for members to balance studying and work. Fellowship activities promote chapter development among less active chapters, facilitate communication between chapters, and provide opportunities for chapters to gather together and discuss chapter programs. Fellowship activities can also include those that develop campus or regional unity or showcase the chapter as a participant in the college and community. Fellowship activities should have a purpose. Try to plan fellowship activities with an intellectual twist--related to the Honors Study Topic or International Service Program.

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