Sarah Kay

2013 Award Winner: Sarah Kay
All California Academic Team

Skyline scholarships. There are several scholarships for Skyline students, continuing and transferring. There is one scholarship specifically for a Beta Theta Omicron member. The application is on line and due in early Spring of each year.

Publish a story or poem. Phi Theta Kappa members are invited to submit manuscripts for the Nota Bene literary competition. The submission deadline is in December. Annually a collection of essays, poetry and short stories is selected for publication. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the best overall selection, and four scholarships of $500 each will be presented to the runners-up. Learn more about Nota Bene at

Continuing student scholarships. The Leaders of Promise scholarship program is to provide new Phi Theta Kappa members with ($1000) financial resources to help defray educational expenses while enrolled in a two-year college in order to develop leadership potential through participation in Society programs. Applications are due at the end of April.

Transfer scholarships. Currently Phi Theta Kappa has over 550 institutions in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Canada, offering approximately $36 million exclusive Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, and the number increases regularly. Complete information is available through Phi Theta Kappa.  Also, see the Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship file in the Transfer Center.

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recruited by highly selective 4-year colleges!

Guistwhite Scholar. The purpose of this merit-based program is to enhance Phi Theta Kappa members' attainment of baccalaureate degrees. Additionally, this program serves to recognize the scholarly achievements of Phi Theta Kappa members. Eligibility: A student must be an active member of Phi Theta Kappa. Students should expect to graduate with an associate degree between December and August 31. The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 grading scale for all college credit course work completed. At the time of transfer to an accredited senior institution, the student must enroll in a minimum of six credit hours per semester. All applications are due in December. Applications and due date at the Phi Theta Kappa website.

SFSU has the San Francisco State University Community College Transfer Honor Scholarship for students who transfer from a community college.

Tom Kroner

2013 Award Winner: Tom Kroner
All California Academic Team

All-USA Academic Team. The College must nominate you for this prestigious award. Do you have good grades (GPA >3.25), a demonstrated commitment to community and college through service, and do you plan to transfer in the Fall? The College must nominate you— see Chris Case for information in August-September. Applications are due in November.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. The scholarship program is open to any community college student who is planning to transfer to a 4-year school. The award amount will be variable up to a maximum of $30,000 annually to fund tuition and fees for the remainder of the scholar's undergraduate degree. Read about the program here. Applications are due in the Fall. The College must nominate you — see Chris Case for information. Nominees must have a GPA of at least 3.5, volunteerism, and financial need.

Pister Leadership/U.C. Santa Cruz. The scholarship is for a Skyline student planning to transfer to U.C., Santa Cruz. The award is $20,000 over two years. The College must nominate you, see Chris Case for information. Applications due in January.

Jonnah LaRoche Scholarship for continuing or transfer students. The Skyline Academic Senate must nominate you. Contact the Academic Senate President.

Check out university scholarship
information at the
Skyline College Transfer Center!

Regional Scholar. For Phi Theta Kappa members. Requirements: GPA > 3.75, no grades of W, and plan to transfer in the Fall. Contact Chris Case.

The Hispanic College Fund also has scholarships.

The National Italian American Foundation offers scholarships to students with at least one ancestor who immigrated from Italy, or a student from any ethnic background majoring/minoring in the field of Italian Language, Italian Studies, Italian-American studies, or a related field.

The Brisbane Chamber's Scholarship Recognition Program is for Brisbane residents and/or students who work in Brisbane and have a 3.2 GPA. Due March 15.

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