Make a Funding Request

Click here to submit the ASSC Funding Request Application. Requests for funding exceeding $500.00 will not be considered if the ASSC Funding Request Application is incomplete or if it has not been submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event or date of purchase.  All proposals will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

After you have submitted the application, a confirmation will be emailed and your submission will be reviewed by the Center for Student Life and Leadership Development office. The form will be forwarded to the appropriate ASSC Executive Council member. Your designated contact person will be notified by the Commissioner of Public Records details about when your proposal will be up for consideration before the ASSC Governing Council.

At the ASSC Governing Council meeting your representative will be asked to read your proposal, answer questions, and clarify or provide any additional information not clearly stated in requests for funding. If the proposal is approved the event should then be advertised as a cosponsored activity.  This means that all flyers, banners, billets, newspaper ads and any other advertising for the event must display the following phrase, “co-sponsored by the Associated Students of Skyline College.”

Also available for download are more detailed instructions.

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