1.      What is Academic Coaching and how does it work?

Academic Coaching is a program designed to help students maximize their college experience and reach their goals. This is done through 30 minute one-on-one meetings between the Academic Coach and the student. In these meetings both the Academic Coach and student will talk about the challenges students may be experiencing and strategies that the student can implement or improve upon that will resolve those challenges or circumstances. Student needs can range greatly; from time management, to avoiding procrastination, studying for a midterm, taking efficient notes, creating productive study groups, reducing school stress, and many more. Academic Coaching are trained to aid students in resolving these needs and achieving their community college goals in an effective and proficient manner.

2.      Is it tutoring?

No, it is not tutoring in the sense that an Academic Coach do not tutor students in course content. However, an Academic Coach can refer you to appropriate tutoring services as needed. Academic Coaching will build students overall skill set (note taking strategies, study strategies, etc.) but it is not a place for receiving tutoring on specific class material/homework.

3.      Is it counseling?

No, it is not counseling in the sense that Academic Coaching does not help students prepare their Student Educational Plans, select courses or fulfill the role of their Skyline College Counselor. An Academic Coach cannot help students set up their classes, or select the different courses they must take in the future. In addition, an Academic Coach cannot help students make financial aid decisions. For these areas, please see a financial or academic counselor.

4.      Is it only for TRiO students?

No, Academic Coaching is available for free to all Skyline College students (online classes included). It is housed in the TRiO Program as TRiO secured the funding and development of the program.

5.      Do I have to be a full time student?

No, but students must be taking at least one Skyline College class (online classes included) in the semester they would like to receive academic coaching.

6.      What do you do when you meet with an Academic Coach?

During one-on-one sessions with an Academic Coach, students and their Coach will discuss the various needs the student has experienced. An Academic Coach will help the student develop goals and an action plan to resolve their needs, as well as carefully and strategically examine class material to find more efficient ways to study, improve their time management skills and practices, and many more such things.

7.      Who should take advantage of the Academic Coaching Program?

All Skyline College students! Students do not have to be struggling to be a part of the Academic Coaching experience. An Academic Coach can help students gain or fortify proficient academic skills. If students do find themselves struggling in classes, Academic Coaching is also ready to help; Academic Coaching can help students discover new skills within your own personal strengths.  For those having a difficult time finding their “place” at Skyline, Academic Coaches will connect them with resources and communities based on their interests and help them adjust to the campus.

8.      I always do well in my classes. How can the program help me?

Academic Coaching can still be of help to those students who are performing at a high level in class; an Academic Coach can help them get connected on campus, find more extracurricular or leadership activities, expand and explore the options within their major, and much more.

9.      How often should I meet with my coach?

The amount of times you see your Academic Coach per semester will vary from student to student; for some students two meetings will be sufficient in helping them create a successful path, for others it may be weekly, monthly, or any other type of variation. The amount of times a student meets with their Academic Coach will depend on their progress and overall improvement and will be jointly decided by the student and Academic Coach.

10.  What is my “Action Plan”?

Your Action Plan are the steps a student and their Academic Coach decide will be taken to make achieve the identified goals. These steps will be discussed in detail during the coaching session, as well as emailed to the student to summarize the session.  We ask students to attend at least 2 sessions so at minimum a review of the strategies can occur in the second session and make adjustments accordingly.

11.  Am I going to receive homework?

No, students do not receive concrete homework that must be turned in, however as the student and Academic Coach discuss the Action Plan Coaches will expect students to complete a few tasks before the next meeting (for example, getting a planner system in order to evaluate and organize their time, or talk to their professor for addition help with the course material, etc.).