What is Academic Coaching?

The Academic Coaching program is designed to help students maximize their educational experience and have a fulfilling and successful education at Skyline College. Through one-to-one coaching sessions and small group workshops, Academic Coaches help students set goals and develop strategies to succeed in college and beyond.

Academic Coaches assist students through the obstacles that arise during the semester and help students create positive and effective habits that lead to academic, professional and personal success.

Who should join the program?

Academic Coaching is designed to benefit any student who wishes to:

  • improve study skills
  • create a plan to overcome barriers to academic success
  • improve test taking skills
  • improve time management skills
  • develop positive daily routines and habits
  • become active class participants
  • use active reading strategies for your textbooks
  • reduce stress and anxiety

Make an Appointment

Step 1: Finding a Coach

Academic Coaching sessions are typically 45 minutes long. Once you meet with your Coach, together you will work out your Coaching Agreement that outlines the number of sessions you will meet to build your success strategies and skills, action steps for you to take and book any future appointments.

You can check the Academic Coach Profiles to get acquainted with each coach.

Step 2: Scheduling an Appointment

Make an Academic Coaching Appointment  

After scheduling your appointment, your Academic Coach will get in touch with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact TRiO: