All students are welcome.  You need not be an Administration of Justice student to become a member of the AJ Club. Meetings are generally held on Fridays at 12:30 in classroom 1309 on third floor of Building One.

Purpose of the Club

The Administration of Justice Club has been organized to promote academic success among students who are pursuing studies in criminal justice; to provide a network for students interested in the field of criminal justice; to offer students a wide variety of programs and activities related to criminal justice; and to foster positive public relations between community agencies and Skyline College students interested in the field of criminal justice.

Amin Justice Logo

Mission Statement

The Administration of Justice Club works to recognize and promote scholarship among students engaged in preparation for professions in the criminal justice system, as well as those who simply have an interest in the field, and to provide a forum for keeping abreast of new developments in criminal justice. The club also provides opportunities to network and volunteer with the community.

Vision of the Club

We, the members of the Administration of Justice Club, envision ourselves as a cohesive group of individuals working together for the broad common goal of making a difference on our College campus, in our community, and in the world by promoting awareness in a variety of social areas relating to the Administration of Justice and to better prepare ourselves for careers in the criminal justice field.

Club Activities

Our club and its members practice good citizenship both on and off campus.  We are involved in community-benefitting activities, such as food bank, toy drives, and fund raisers, as well as activities that help club members become better acquainted with the field of justice administration, such as tours of justice facilities, guest speakers from the justice field, and similar events.


Dues are $10 for the year.  We would very much like you to join us.  Contact the AJ Club Advisor (AJ Program Coordinator) at 650-738-4134 or come by the AJ Program Office in 1-1317 for more information.