The Administration of Justice Program is a department in the Skyline College Social Science/Creative Arts Division. The following statement outlines the mission, goals, and student learning outcomes concerning the Administration of Justice Program.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Administration of Justice Associate of Arts Degree Program is to provide students with a multi-disciplinary course of study of the highest standards that emphasizes critical thinking, the ability to effectively communicate in written and oral form, a substantive and practical knowledge basis in the area of justice administration, and a commitment to lifelong learning that will enable them to think critically about the problems and issues of crime and justice, both as citizens and as professional workers in the criminal justice field.

Program Goals

  • Provide excellent instruction by experienced and highly qualified staff using a quality curriculum for undergraduate students in the field of criminal justice that will equip them with the necessary skills to successfully transition from school to work and/or further educational or personal enrichment pursuits.
  • Provide a broad selection of contemporary criminal justice courses that will enable students to learn the fundamental and advanced concepts of a variety of learning domains within the discipline of criminal justice.
  • Encourage and support faculty research, collaboration, faculty-student interactions, and other professional activities that enhance faculty skills and expertise, as well as student learning and development.
  • Provide a range of service activities within the college and in the larger community to apply academic knowledge to practical problems concerning crime and criminal justice, build a strong partnership between the college and the surrounding community, and to contribute to efforts by the college and the larger community to improve the quality of life for all concerned.