The Skyline College Governance Council is the primary planning and policy formulation group for the College, thereby establishing the charges to other units and committees in accomplishing specific tasks including, but not limited to, the following areas: budget, programs, student equity, accreditation, and program review. The Council is responsible for reviewing the progress and accomplishments of the units and committees. The council, working with PRIE, is charged with evaluating the assessment process for participatory governance of the college. The College Governance Council serves as the umbrella participatory governance committee for the College and is a major participant in decision making for the College.

The College Governance Council consists of the President of the College, the Vice Presidents, and the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Academic Senate, Classified Council, and Associated Students.

Meetings are held monthly during the academic year and are scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 2:10 p.m. in Room 4343. There may be fluctuations in this schedule due to holidays.